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The Threaded Cork

Judy Blue Cool Crops

Judy Blue Cool Crops

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These jeans HAVE COOL DENIM TECH! They feature "cool technology" to keep you from getting hot when you wear them! And y'all.. it works! They're like the cool side of your pillow! They wick away moisture and keep you cool and comfortable! There is nothing quite like this on the market and it's a total game changer! Once you experience the lightweight and cooling feeling of cool denim from Judy Blue, you'll wish all jeans were made from this material! 

This is THE PAIR ladies! The pair of jeans you're going to pull for every single day.. even if you've already worn them the last 3 days! They have insane stretch (leveryone can size down in these jeans!!) from the waistband to the thighs, that one trend straight crop fit! 

These jeans have stunning graining and the most flattering crop fit! They'se are a medium wash version of our fastest selling jeans ever! The wash and grain on these create a combo that slim your legs and flatter your figure!

The stretch on these in unreal! These jeans are so comfortable and you will never want to change out of them! 

These jeans are stretchy from the waist all the way down! THey will fit well whether you have muscular thighs or a more straight figure.. these flatter ALL body shapes! 

And let's talk about that crop fit! The crop fit is SO ON TREND but what we really love about it is that it looks good on EVERYONE!! YOu can be tall, short, curvy or straight and it looks amazing! 

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