Stroopwafels Singles
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Stroopwafels Singles

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MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS- Finger Licking Dutch stroopwafels are made to a traditional recipe in the motherland of stroopwafels. A best-selling favorite in the Netherlands, these perfectly crafted delicacies are now available in the USA; enjoy the authentic taste of Holland at home.
* AUTHENTIC RECIPE - Each waffle is made from thin layers of a baked wafer with a thin layer of caramel- like syrup in between. Traditionally, the stroopwafel is placed on top of a cup of coffee or tea where the moist heat warms it so that it gives a crisp bite with a deliciously soft and melty caramel center.
* VERSATILE - Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee, the stroopwafel is also a fab snack at any time of the day.
*ONLY THE FINEST INGREDIENTS - Each batch is lovingly made using only the finest Dutch ingredients, completely non-GMO with no artificial colors

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