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The Threaded Cork

Our Own Candle Company Candles 13oz Mason Jars (multiple varieties)

Our Own Candle Company Candles 13oz Mason Jars (multiple varieties)

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13 oz. of a special Soy/Paraffin blend of wax to give you a long clean burn that throws an amazing amount of scent! Burn time is up to 100 hours. 

Smell My Nuts: Banana Nut Bread, Coconut and Hazelnut make this candle a truly outstanding combination of scents.

Fall Triple: Unbeatable combination of Pumpkin Cream Pie, Cinnamon Buns and French Vanilla. Perfect for Fall!

 Balsam Pine: This is one of the most popular candles that is sure to remind you of a nice long walk in the forest.

Comfy Flannel:  A rich and delightful blend of sandalwood, mahogany, musk with top notes of warm flannel. This is truly a unique fragrance.

Christmas Triple: Simply put, this candle combines our best Christmas scents; Peppermint, Cinnaberry and Balsam.

 Luxe Linen: This is a soft and warm inviting fragrance that has notes of soothing lavender and sandalwood.

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